Just got back from getting Jared at the airport.  This week should be a little better than last week.  My schedule will start to even out a bit.  Last week was so crazy and non stop that I still haven’t caught up on my sleep.  I will be really busy until September but that is ok because I get so bored in the winter.  Good news is that my sister and my friend John are coming into town in two weeks which will be great.  I can’t wait to see them.

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I am a 46 year old woman living in Cleveland, Ohio. I work as a Masseuse and own a cleaning business. I have one adult son and a dog named Belle that I treat like a human. I also own I love all things horror and creepy. For the last year I have been sharing my quest to become a healthier person. I invite all comments and suggestions. Welcome and enjoy!!
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  1. kikipepper says:

    HURRAY!!!! I can’t wait to see you guys…we are so excited!!!! Rose is too…she just doesn’t know it. LOL

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