Monday Morning

Wow. I got so much done for the move over the weekend. Feeling really good about everything. Moved some of the furniture yesterday. The rest of the furniture will be moved next Sunday. I am exhausted and unfortunately this is a very busy week workwise which is going to make the little tasks of moving difficult. I’ll get through it though. It’s tough but it’s fun too. It is nice to start new. Things will stay light on here until next week. I just won’t have time!! See you guys soon!!

About jenny

I am a 46 year old woman living in Cleveland, Ohio. I work as a Masseuse and own a cleaning business. I have one adult son and a dog named Belle that I treat like a human. I also own I love all things horror and creepy. For the last year I have been sharing my quest to become a healthier person. I invite all comments and suggestions. Welcome and enjoy!!
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