Ok so I only have a few more days to get through and I should be able to finish tonght.  I have to be honest three weeks of fantasyland was nice but reality kind of sucks right now.  I talked to Tom(Karla’s husband) last night and I am going to the house on Friday.  Tom is going to be at work and I will be there alone.  I am fearful of how I am going to feel.  I think it is going to suck.  but I know that it is time to move on and I want to help him……… running away isn’t going to change anything.

On the bright side I went into work yesterday and was handed a certificate.  Apparently I was employee of the month in April and they announced it while I was gone.  It is kind of funny considering I have only been working there since January.  It did make me feel a lot better about myself though.  I hope that doesn’t sound lame.

Meanwhile everyone and there mother wants me to get there house clean because I have been gone for so long so I am working until like 930 or 10 every day until forever or a couple weeks…….whichever comes first. Ha ha

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  1. grandmaD says:

    I’m sure going to Karlas house was difficult, but its a good that your helping tom!!! Congratulations on employee of the month!!!!

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