Tuesday May 26th

Rocamadour was fascinating.  It is actually a pilgrimage town.  there is a cathedral built into the side of the mountain and the town is built around it.  You have to take an outside lift to get up and down.  We actually walked down but we took the lift back up.  The place was like in a time warp and very isolated.  There was mass going on basically all the time to keep the tourists happy and the actual Cathedral was very exciting to see.  It was weird  though…..a lot of people were taking pictures inside the cathedral which is fine but they were like using their flashes during mass which I thought was very disrespectful.  What do I know?

We drove to Carcassone which is huge and found our B&B.  We had an interview scheduled but at the last minute she freaked out and said that she thought her neighbor would be more interesting because he was a professor.  She was right.  A man walks in with a Rip Van Winkle beard and proceeds to talk for 20 minutes basically non-stop.  In French of course but we got the basics  of what he was saying.  It will be translated by someone at Case later.  He told us to make sure to eat some Cassoulet.  The specialty in the area.  It is basically like a bean casserole with duck.  We went to the restaurant they suggested and we weren’t disappointed.  Tim and Jared ordered the Cassoulet and I tasted it.  It was very good.

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